Welcome Lindsey, editor, writer, legal researcher, paralegal


My Philosophy


​Editing is not rocket surgery (phrase borrowed from corner gas), but it does require focus; analytical skills; “close” reading; and a thorough knowledge of the English language, both the connotative aspects and the technical application aspects.

Editing also requires sensitivity and compassion, two traits I powerfully possess. Sensitivity to the purpose, meaning, and intent of the writer, as well as to how the targeted audience will receive and interpret the words presented to them is paramount. Compassion is a place of non-judgement, inhibiting the accidental application of the editor’s personal filters or motives onto your writing material and objective.

Editors must, of course, exercise a great deal of filters for content, grammar, punctuation, and inconsistencies. A writer’s voice and style must be allowed to shine through regardless of desired audience: our goal is to showcase that voice while delivering the correct and designated message.

In addition to a BA in English, I minored in interpersonal communications. There is a simple formula for communicating: the sender sends an intended message; the receiver hopefully receives said message as intended. This is where editing and proofreading come in: whether your material requires precision and conciseness, poetics and nuance, or strong persuasion and pitch, an experienced and empathetic editor can assist you in both reaching your audience and conveying your intention to your audience.

An editor - YOUR editor - is not just a professional associate. Your editor strives to understand you, your personal motives, and how to serve your desired outcome to a highly personalized degree. Some projects require simple proofreading, not necessitating such a close and personal understanding, but beyond that, an editor is your friend and muse, coaxing meaning, style, and voice from you and/or your organization. An editor is not simply there to direct verbiage, but to help you pour your vision and mission into every paragraph exhibited on your behalf to the world. This is about defining yourself and/or your organization.