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When contacting me for a potential working relationship, please include the following info (if info is available) in the "Message" body:

  • Organization, if applicable
  • Your name and title
  • Phone Number and/or email address
  • Type of service required (a very general description)
  • If requesting legal research, please give current jurisdiction, if applicable, and preference for print (physical library research) or WestLaw, etc. digital research.
  • Time scope and/or terms of completion
  • Current stage of the project/task
  • Preferred editing/final format program (MS Word, Google Docs, PDF, etc.)
  • Preferred mode of material transfer/sharing (email attachment, remote drive, USB, etc.)
  • Please ask any questions up front. This will help me know if we can work together, and it just might allow me to learn something new.

Digital Contact Info:

E: Edit@WelcomeLindsey.com

S: linkedin.com/in/welcomelindsey/


Taos, NM


Photo Credit: February Moon © 2018, Geraint Smith
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