I thank you for visiting my website, a personal and professional mélange of experience, knowledge, and verbiage. This site is not a “passive income” business; it is an extended résumé and a chance for potential clients and employers to get to know me, my philosophy, my writing style, and my knowledge base.

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My site and my career are about editing, writing, and expanding ideas. Though I am located in Taos, NM, my experience is gleamed from decades in various problem-solving and word-heavy professions procured in an American medley of locations; a family history of philosophical debate, storytelling and retelling; and the attainment of a BA in English: Creative Writing.

Though I have spent years in administration and editing, I also have experience and formal training in legal writing and document editing, as well as law firm management. 

You are invited to look over this straightforward site to see how we can work together. I am always looking to grow my skills while offering highly personalized and quality research, writing, and editing for law practices, as well as related fields.

Many blessings to you, your life, and your endeavors.


~welcome e lindsey~